ResfinityDMC – the operating system for DMCs

Resfinity DMC supports, organizes, improves and integrates all processes within the business cycle of a DMC. Utilizing great attention to detail to design efficient interfaces and encompassing functionality, centralized data, business process automation and seamless integration with external platforms for sourcing and distribution Resfinity DMC is a powerful, fully comprehensive tool.

Built on state-of-the-art, reliable and scalable infrastructures ready to handle enormous amounts of data in real-time, Resfinity DMC guarantees impressive performance and solid results.

How Resfinity works for you

Resfinity DMC delivers powerful business process automation to all departments of your destination management company. It will empower your employees and revolutionize both your customer facing and internal departments. Process flow and communication will be optimized like never before. Resfinity DMC will allow you to implement operating strategies based on top down implementation of the company's objectives, mission and vision.

Say farewell to pen, paper and Excel sheets and prepare yourself for this digital revolution.

Why do you need Resfinity DMC?

By implementing Resfinity DMC you may find yourself re-engineering key business processes to optimize your company's efficiency. By fully automating these processes Resfinity DMC frees up your employees' workloads, allowing them to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

You'll be creating new revenue streams, increasing profitability through BI, growing product footprint through seamless third-party integrations, evolving your non - bookable content library and much more. Resfinity DMC's business process automation will help you establish best practice for everything you do.

It will also allow you to source, plan, manage, distribute and reconcile complex travel products and itineraries, supporting both static and dynamic sourcing and distribution. Resfinity DMC's direct contracting tools eliminate data entry errors with airtight validation, and shift responsibility over to your supplier partners, as your rates and conditions are pdf’ed, signed by both parties and then set on sale according to your pre-defined sales profiles, markups and business rules. Your time-to-market for both contracted contingent and mid-season yield will become unmatched. Using macro / micromanagement tools and rules your staff will save time where possible and spend time where needed.

Transfer management, fleet management, resource assignment and overall operational logistics of your company will become completely digitized, offering your management crystal clear visibility over all processes. With stringent data validation, real - time source management, pre-defined rules & exception handling you'll never have another missed transfer. Everything runs like clockwork. Transfer combination rules, min/max number of stops, min/max number of inbound /outbound flights, min/max waiting times and many other definable parameters allow you to just sit back and observe through your customized dashboard. Last but not least, Resfinity DMC will seamlessly integrate to your back-office systems to deliver sales invoice & booking information.

Resfinity DMC - Operating System for Travel Professionals

Resfinity DMC system features:

  • Automation

    - Enables you to improve your bottom line by limiting manual work and eliminating errors, sharing data between processes, and ensuring data coherence from source to service delivery.
  • Processes

    - Boost your efficiency and allow for the better operational management of your business. Resfinity DMC helps you define best practice for everything you do, in the shortest time possible without compromising on results.
  • Macro/Micro

    - by allowing you to define bulk updates, mass actions and the grouping of different parameters you will totally avoid repetitive processes and “monkey work”. And with the immense attention to detail possible you can micromanage and drill down where you need to.
  • Performance

    – hosted on state-of-the-art cloud architecture, Resfinity DMC is built for speed. Crisp responsiveness, smooth data flow and intuitive interfaces mean you will be faster at doing what you do than ever before.
  • Modularity

    - only use what you need. Bloated, legacy systems still dominate the playing field where you buy everything and the kitchen sink to guarantee it all works.
  • Accountability

    - An active log is kept of all the actions performed as of go live, offering you full visibility and accountability on all activity.
  • Limitless

    – there are no limitations on number of users, number of contracts, hotels or any other form of data. You can truly scale up without bounds.
  • Security

    - with secure data storage and GDPR-compliant managed authorization levels, we proactively monitor system performance and only work with renowned cloud hosting centers and providers.
  • Time-to-Market

    - from discovery and definition requirement through to commercials and project implementation, everything moves smoothly and according to clear and defined processes.

  • Sourcing

    – Manage all your product sources under one roof. Combine your own direct hotel contracts with static and dynamic third-party transfers and activities. Digitally sign your direct hotel contracts and give yielding access over to your hotel partners. Grow your long tail product with third party hotel suppliers, chains and channel managers. Using a plethora of discount and offer possibilities Resfinity DMC will allow you to contract exclusive conditions that are too creative for other systems to handle.
  • Reservations

    - Bookings are imported from your integrated clients with exception list management in case of missing booking data. An intuitive interface allows you for easy: manual booking insertion and group bookings; create transfer only bookings or combine transfer and activity to your hotel booking; manage cancellations and amendments and produce all relevant documentation and reports.
  • Operations

    - Plan your logistics and optimize the utilization of your bus fleet. Create transfer combination rules and exceptions, produce arrival/departure lists and rooming lists. Define max number of stops, max waiting times, max pick-up delays. Auto-calculate transfer times on the fly according to geo distances and Google traffic data. Improve your profitability with mobile excursion sales.
  • Distribution

    – Benefit from ANIXE’s global distribution network of market leading tour operators, OTAs and travel agencies. Sell your directly contracted product to more customers through ANIXE’s integrated platforms across Europe and South America, while maintaining full control over your portfolios, markups, sales channels and profitability.
  • Yielding

    – Automate your yielding processes! Set allotment consumption rules and alerts, release expiration alerts, scheduled and buffered stop-sales and free your yielding team to better plan high level objectives and acquiring special rates.
  • Finance

    - Easy monitoring, control, and reporting of your financial performance. Manage your customers’ credit limits. Automatic reconciliation of purchase and sales invoices and connection to accounting & payment processing systems.

Key benefits:

  • Intuitive, easy to use UX (+ Usability)
  • Simple / complex business rules & calculations
  • Roles, user rights & permissions
  • Airtight validation
  • Macro / micromanagement
  • Mapping (hotel, room-type, meal)
  • Advanced Sales Profiles
  • Changelog
  • Discounts, offers, supplements, extras with exception management
  • Cumulative/basic discount calculation
  • Conditions applied on room-type, pax type, rate type, supplement type
  • Multiple parallel/concurrent rate plans per contract
  • Markup / commission on source, product geo / client geo, client type, channel type, platform and... much more.

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ANIXE is a leading travel technology provider specialized in third-party Hotel supplier aggregation and distribution, accelerated search and response, offline rate and availability exports in various formats, hotel and room type automated mapping and high data load and traffic management. On the market for twenty years ANIXE's solid reputation and pioneering technology continues to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE's vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe, to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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