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It's time to digitize DMC processes

An apt, modern system designed for DMCs should support, organize, improve, and integrate processes within the business cycle of a DMC, and seamlessly integrate both sourcing and distribution of all products and services...
The essence of UX effectiveness in enterprise web applications / enterprise software

The essence of UX effectiveness in enterprise web applications

In today's highly competitive environment, it is no longer enough to stand out in the market with an offer or good product. Better identification of apps users' needs and a well-designed UX allow you to stand out from the competition...
capital experience

ADNEC Group will implement the Resfinity DMC operating system

Capital Experience is a key driver of promoting leisure tourism in the UAE that aims to increase the number of leisure visitors to the Emirates by diversifying tourist offerings and enhancing the overall guest experience...
anixe insights - travel market trends 2021 / 2022

The holiday season is behind us! But the scale of bookings keeps growing...

September was another month of good fortune for the travel sector with another monthly average 8.5% increase in bookings. The global market rocketed to around 72% of the September 2019 volume, and in Germany…
anise office

Knowledge and empathy – the key to success

Many people think that years of experience at a corporation and a programming diploma are the most desirable competencies for a developer role. What is the superpower that you can bring to a company you apply to?
ANIXE is a part of SoDA Poland

ANIXE is a part of SoDA Poland

SoDA is an organisation representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland. The association has created an IT community to develop networking and knowledge sharing between member companies while searching for synergies and cooperations...
Six features of a good e-commerce application

Six features of a good e-commerce application

Why would a customer stop at your store front, spend time gazing through the window at the merchandise, and not the next shop down the road? It has to do with the design you’ve applied and the attention to detail you’ve managed...

Achievements and progress – interview with Alexandros Pappas

"ANIXE has evolved in the past few years into an international company and, at the same time, has been able to retain the ingredients of success." – said Alexandros Pappas, who works as ANIXE as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
ps limits

More possibilities for SaaS systems. Development without limits

Many companies face a common dilemma: whether to use slightly cheaper off-the-shelf products or to invest in dedicated, custom-built solutions that are fully designed to meet their very specific needs...
anixe insights banner

Vacations in bloom. The specter of the fourth wave of Covid cools the mood

July was another month of the tourism boom. Big, but no longer as spectacular as June 2021, in which the increase in global bookings was nearly 75% higher than the bookings of the equally spectacular May 2021...
KMW reizen

KMW – short gateways supercharged by Resfinity

Kurz-mal-weg is an OTA based in Hamburg, specialized in 2-3 day getaways in Germany and neighbouring countries. Thanks to the collaboration and integration with ANIXE APIs, customers will access...
ratehawk webinar 20210713

ANIXE Webinar 13.07.2021

Want to know how travel tech systems can help tour operators sell more and achieve higher margins? Listen to ANIXE’s expert Amr Mohsen by singing up for this event today.
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