Resfinity AIR – Internet Booking Solutions 
for Airlines

ANIXE’S Resfinity Air Platform is a technologically advanced, online retail and distribution platform. It is built to provide intuitive shopping experience for airlines’ customers. Of course, you can manage the entire customer journey with our robust business rules. Before we start, we will design and tailor the solutions to your needs.

How Resfinity works for you

With Resfinity, airlines are able to efficiently increase revenue and profit margins. We believe in growing digital travel - the system helped one of our clients to sell over 40% bookings more year to year.

Resfinity is a cloud hosted solution available as Software as a Service which means it is highly scalable and provides leading industry uptime. The platform is constantly developed and often overtaking market trends, yet you get the opportunity to implement your own ideas.

Resfinity AIR - diagram. The booking platform for airlines

Key Benefits

  • Rapid setup of custom solution, tailored to your needs.

    Every airline is a ‘little’ different and we cater for this. To speed up the implementation ready building blocks are put together and configured to your specific needs. The user experience may be built to your needs form the scratch.
  • All channels in one place

    – B2C and B2B platform, loyalty programs integration and redemption bookings, ticket changes, stop over - you name it, we have it.
  • Constantly developed product.

    For you, we quickly respond to ever-changing customer needs. You can also develop your own ideas with unbeatable time-to-market..
  • Lighting fast search results.

    Delight your customers with spectacular response times which have direct impact on your conversion rates and the bottom line.
  • Boosting revenue.

    You can enjoy our effective ancillary (both airline and not airline related) and merchandising solutions, boosting your revenue streams in a seamless way.
  • Cost saving.

    ANIXE cooperates with external, independent, high-quality suppliers e.g. for pricing and availability. You may achieve better results at a lower transactional cost.
  • Versatile platform.

    We are platform agnostic and can integrate within single solution whatever providers and services will help your business thrive. We are readily integrated with many of them already.
  • Responsive UI and grand user experience, tailored to your brand

    making solution work its best across all sales channels, and when your customers need more, we build platform specific experiences (iOS, Android).
  • Universal API distribution.

    We are ready to support you and your partners, by providing interface for 3rd party. NDC ready.
  • Full control over the sales process.

    Everything can be managed. Our advanced configuration and rule engine will improve your performance, all the way up to full personalization of the offers. Data-driven decisions are best decisions, so we support you with robust reporting and BI options.
  • Integrated payment providers.

    We provide you with a certified PCI DSS gateway (level 1) with many PSP integrations and fraud prevention solutions.
  • NDC & One Order ready platform.

    The IATA’s New Distribution Capability standard enables the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travelers by addressing the industry’s distribution limitations.
  • Wide range of marketing tools included.

    You can manage your offering through business rules, discount codes & vouchers, personalization etc.
  • Single point of contact.

    You will love our technical support, where customers can easily call a real person who knows what they are talking about. For your convenience we can streamline your cooperation with other technical partners.

What distinguishes us on the market?

  • High level of service uptime - which directly influences the revenue.
  • Exhaustive customization options.
  • Modern and user-friendly interfaces designed according to your needs.
  • Comprehensive service from business analysis through implementation to post-sales customer support and proactive e-business consultancy.

ANIXE is a leading travel technology provider serving a broad spectrum of customers through its hotel and airline divisions. The company provides a suite of comprehensive services that starts with accurate business analysis and extends all the way through to a swift and concise implementation. Our post-sales customer support and proactive commercial and technical consultancy mean ANIXE comes batteries included, which makes all the difference. On the market for twenty years, ANIXE's solid reputation and pioneering technology continue to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE's vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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