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It's time to digitize DMC processes

An apt, modern system designed for DMCs should support, organize, improve, and integrate processes within the business cycle of a DMC, and seamlessly integrate both sourcing and distribution of all products and services...
capital experience

ADNEC Group will implement the Resfinity DMC operating system

Capital Experience is a key driver of promoting leisure tourism in the UAE that aims to increase the number of leisure visitors to the Emirates by diversifying tourist offerings and enhancing the overall guest experience...
Six features of a good e-commerce application

Six features of a good e-commerce application

Why would a customer stop at your store front, spend time gazing through the window at the merchandise, and not the next shop down the road? It has to do with the design you’ve applied and the attention to detail you’ve managed...
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More possibilities for SaaS systems. Development without limits

Many companies face a common dilemma: whether to use slightly cheaper off-the-shelf products or to invest in dedicated, custom-built solutions that are fully designed to meet their very specific needs...
Custom Software Development - graphic

You are unique, so why should your software be like everyone else's?

If your unique business processes define your edge, then why compromise to fit into an off-the-shelf way of doing things? You need to customize a solution that ...
ANIXE 4 Gulf Air: Reshopping Automation and technology for the post COVID

Reshopping Automation & Technology for The Post COVID "New Norm"

As early as the beginning of March, ANIXE and PROS began conceptual work on the scope of improvements Gulf Air would receive, despite the state of emergency...

Gulf Air - New mobile app functionalities available

Gulf Air is working extensively with ANIXE to expand its mobile application for iOS and Android. The app, piloted last year on AppStore and Google Play, has recently undergone several changes...

ANIXE means great people and big development

'At ANIXE, I’m someone with a name and personality'- said Alberto, who came to Poland from Spain. He loves fast cars, plays percussion in his free time and works at ANIXE as a Front-end Developer.