14 NOV 2016

New supplier integrations and developments at ANIXE

Wroclaw, Poland – 14 November 2016: Staying loyal to its mission of connecting the travel world, ANIXE integrates 4 new suppliers, 2 major tour operator platforms and 7 new clients... all in the 3rd quarter of 2016! ANIXE is happy to welcome its new partners to its distribution platform... Resfinity.

Clients Gone Live

With each client that goes live ANIXE extends the reach and distribution of the Resfinity Hotel platform, providing its suppliers with more bookings and new source markets.

JT Touristik – Founded in 2009 and based in Berlin, Germany JT Touristik is one of the largest, most notorious virtual tour operators in today’s dynamic packaging business. The company has won several branding and design awards, including many awarded to CEO and founder Jasmin Taylor for her substantial achievement and contribution to the German travel industry. JT Touristik enjoys a high level of customer loyalty and strong brand awareness towards the end consumer, as well as established travel agent retention. The tour operator’s product range is vast and especially promotes high end destinations and luxury product to the German market.

JT’s challenge was growing third party hotel sources quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining high price accuracy between cached and real data.

Since going live on ANIXE’s Resfinity platform JT is sustainably observing a rising booking trend, and has immediately started activating more suppliers and destinations in response to the positive results.

Emviagem – With offices all over Portugal, Emviagem is a well-established receptive operator. The company offers a vast array of incoming services including hotel accommodation, transfers, car rental, activities and event management. Recently Emviagem has resolved to expand its business model to incorporate outbound B2C and B2B touristic products. This comes with the integration of ANIXE’s Resfinity platform and Travel Compositor’s Mix2Travel front end solutions.

Emviagem was intent on finding a technology partner that could help realize this vertical expansion, allowing the company to sell its direct content, delivering cached offline exports across many distribution channels in key European markets... as well as providing a one-stop-shop solution for third party hotel content.

BIGXtra – Part of FTI Group, BIGXtra is the largest German specialized tour operator focused on promotional offers and flash sales. The offers are sold via the largest German travel shopping channel Sonnenklar TV, powerful supermarket brands such as Lidl and Tchibo as well as via travel agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. BIGXtra is considered the ‘product launch’ partner of choice for the hotel industry on a global scale.

BIGXtra’s primary objective was to receive MPG’s direct contracts as offline exports into its operating system, Blank.

BIGXtra has been our pilot WBS Blank customer and started receiving bookings successfully after the recent completion of WBS Blank integration. In this model we export hotel offers to Blank according to BIGXtra’s product definition using our proprietary ARI format.

Wris Reiseburoo – Wris Travel Agency was established in 1991 and today is one of the leading business travel agencies in Estonia. Wris was the first Estonian travel agency to gain IATA accreditation and is a key member of the Association of Estonian Travel Agents. In 2005 Wris became part of the International Travel Partnership (ITP), which connects travel agencies from around the world, and enables each to offer business travel related services at more competitive prices

Wris needed a one-stop-shop third party hotel integration partner to enable the company to swiftly expand its portfolio, as well as an agency sales platform for its customer facing staff.

Latvia Tours – A prominent name in the Baltic region, Latvia Tours is a full service travel company covering a wide variety of services including travel agency based outbound individual and group travel, classic tour operating, corporate travel and destination management services. The company also offers an online booking platform with product from across the globe.

Estravel – Estravel is the largest travel agency in Estonia and the Baltic region. Established in 1988 the company occupies a significant share of outbound tourism wallet share. With a large investment in technology Estravel’s online presence is strong and presents a fully dynamic booking experience that covers the extensive range of product offered offline. Estravel also offers incoming destination management services that deliver the full scope of any traveller’s needs.

New Platform Integrations

Connecting dominant product management and distribution platforms around the globe facilitates bidirectional travel trade like never before, delivering bookings across markets and creating new revenue lines in the process.

Traso – Established in 2005 Traso specializes in developing innovative tour operator software applications for the German market. xRes is the company’s flagship product geared towards virtual tour operator dynamic packaging and distribution of hotels, flights and vacation packages. xRes is the platform of choice for most major players in the online German tour operating market.

Traso receives Resfinity offline exports and provides product for its clients, piloted by JT Touristik whose go-live has marked a big success. Hotels are mapped to Resfinity’s master structure and bookings come through Resfinity API.

WBS Blank – Dominating the German tour operator market for over 25 years, WBS Blank is the leading product management platform for classical German tour operators. The software contains a robust suite of tools that cover calculation & mid-office functionality, interfaces to CRSs, airlines and flight aggregators, bedbanks and hotel wholesalers, distribution platforms and much more.

Blank clients are now able to search and book Resfinity Hotel product.

Nezasa – Essentially a travel technology company that provides SaaS for tour operators, travel agents and DMCs. Nezasa provides FTI’s B2B front end solution for selling roundtrips. Integrating ANIXE’s Resfinity Hotel API and processing offline ARI exports allows Nezasa to package Resfinity hotels with other products and services such as flights, transfers, trains, activities and cruises for FTI’s Rundreise division, and offer them to many various customers around the world.

New Supplier Integrations

Destinations of the World (130,000 hotels) – Since the establishment of Destinations of the World in 1993, the company has grown to become one of the dominant B2B travel industry wholesalers. DOTW has offices in locations around the world with over 300 multilingual staff and features product from over 10,000 destinations worldwide. Most recently the company has expanded its product footprint across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Africa.

Static content available in EN, FR, DE, ES, PT, IT, NL, DA, SV, NO, PL, FI, RU, ZH, JA

Travelpartner (89 hotels) – Founded in 2000 Travelpartner Austria established its presence in Vienna offering city travel for select European cities. Salzburg, Vienna, Munich and Budapest just to mention a few. The company provides a niche selection of hotels and services as well as customized holiday experiences through the brand Profi Tours.

Static content available in DE

DerbySoft – DerbySoft has a long history of providing flexible, customizable, high performance connectivity to the hotel industry. With fast response times and consistent data accuracy this company presents reliable channel management solutions. It uniquely serves the top 10 global hotel groups to some of the world’s largest OTAs like and Expedia, and can connect systems with vastly different data structures and help travel companies and hotels do business with each other.

Emviagem – With offices all over Portugal, Emviagem is a well-established receptive operator. The company offers a vast array of incoming services including hotel accommodation, transfers, car rental, activities and event management. Recently Emviagem has resolved to expand its business model to incorporate outbound B2C and B2B touristic products. This comes with the integration of ANIXE’s Resfinity platform and Travel Compositor’s Mix2Travel front end solutions.


Hotel de-duplication is always one of the more time consuming, ongoing processes that are consistently improved on to be able to ultimately deliver high quality non-bookable content. With each new supplier/client integration hundreds of hours are spent on product mapping and de-duplication, in spite of the automation of a large part of the process using Resfinity’s proprietary algorithm.


ANIXE’s Data Quality team performs thorough, individual hotel content revision for all clients’ top destination before go live, and adds preferred languages per market among other bits of fine tuning.

The logical next step all clients take is activating the Resfinity Yield Optimizer, which delivers an instant new line of revenue and effortless profit right to their doors.

New Developments

Agency Portal/Resfinity Hotel

Proposals - The ability to send hotel offers right to customers’ inboxes. Price Limits - The ability to set rule based restrictions on maximum allowance for accommodation booked for corporate clients.

Resfinity Hotel API

The development of new API parameters giving clients additional information about rates:

  • cnx - information about cancellation fees (non-refundable/refundable),
  • payment - allowed payment options per rate (pre/post payment),
  • pkg - price type (package rate).

Improving Expedia’s gross price handling:

  • calculating net price for Expedia's offline export,
  • returning Expedia’s gross profit/commission in API responses.

Extending Meetingpoint’s portfolio for the US and Canada (MPNA/I5 integration).

There are some very exciting developments planned for 2017 that will vertically evolve the company’s product offering, and empower ANIXE’s clients with new opportunities for product and business development. Stay tuned for the next communiqué!

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