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C# Developer

If you’re advanced in C# (and .NET framework), have any experience with git and developing for web this is where you’ll fit right in.

A Day at ANIXE

Working Conditions

A day in the life of ANIXE is charged with energy, passion, creativity and positive vibes. Scrum masters leading their warriors down the path of glory, testing their limits and challenging their intellects. At ANIXE we embellish in the latest technologies, gadgets and gizmos and in that respect set ourselves far ahead of others. Our developers revel on our super intuitive tools and powerful programming languages that few others have yet to adopt, and are proud to be industry pioneers and masters of this otherwise unknown programming universe.

Some companies manage to ride the waves of change and successfully embrace upcoming trends.

At ANIXE we create the waves.


In a nutshell we strongly believe in the work hard, party hard philosophy. We are passionate about everything we do, and encourage communication, brainstorming, workshops as much as we do exercise, sports, Playstation, XBOX, family time, partying and overall wellbeing. We are serious about our deliverables, but also value the process which is usually pitted with laughter, smiles and inside jokes.

People always say there is no I in TEAM…well, there’s MEAT though…which is undeniably delicious!

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