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C# Developer

If you’re advanced in C# (and .NET framework), have any experience with git and developing for web this is where you’ll fit right in.

A Day at ANIXE

Working Conditions

A day in the life of ANIXE is charged with energy, passion, creativity and positive vibes. We embellish in the latest technologies, gadgets and gizmos and in that respect set ourselves far ahead of others. Our developers revel on our intuitive tools and are proud to be industry pioneers.

Some companies manage to ride the waves of change and successfully embrace upcoming trends.

At ANIXE we create the waves.


In a nutshell we strongly believe in the work hard, party hard philosophy. We are passionate about everything we do, and encourage communication, brainstorming, workshops as much as we do exercise, sports, Playstation, XBOX, family time, partying and overall wellbeing. We are serious about our deliverables, but also value the process which is usually pitted with laughter, smiles and inside jokes.

Available Positions

Senior Front End Developer
We are looking for a seasoned Front End Developer. You will build and develop modern web apps with cutting edge technologies for travel industry customers all over the world.
Technical Product Owner
Technical Product Owner will represent the customers voice, will align business products with the needs of different customers. Person on this role will be working closely with the Development Teams.
Data Analyst
As Data Analyst, you will find out patterns and make impact analysis that supports developers team in achieving effective technology solutions.
Finance and Controlling Manager
As a Finance and Controlling Manager you will maximize business results by establishing financial procedures, controls, and reporting systems.
C# Developer
We are looking for experienced C# developers for our Wrocław based office
Supervisor of Technical Support
As a Supervisor of Technical Support, you will provide an efficient and integrated support service for the Operations Business Tower and the clients
Technical Support
As Technical Support, you will aid developer teams in achieving effective technology solutions
Ruby/RoR Developer
We are looking for experienced developers for our Wrocław based office
IT Service Desk Specialist
As IT Service Desk Specialist, you will support clients and our products by monitoring and sustaining continuous availability of provided services
DevOps Engineer
We are looking for experienced DevOps Engineers to help us with maintanance of our heavy lifting platform
Rust Developer
We are looking for Rust developers to our Wroclaw based office
UX/UI Designer
Come and prototype our next big thing with us. If you're in the 'how it works/looks' business — let us know
Recruitment Specialist
Are you highly interested in gaining hands-on professional experience within Recruitment and HR? Enjoy working with people and for people? If so, we would like to hear from you!
Data Quality Assurance
Enjoy working with data and assuring content quality? If so, we would like to hear from you